Herbal Knight Power Tablets helps to increase Passion, Rapture and Strength
Increases Masculinity in Men and Femininity in women.

Composed by using the world’s most important natural herbs, is boon for those people who are suffering from sexual and sterile problems. Tru Knight Power Tablets solves erectile problem, improves semen quality, sexual capability, pleasure, desire, drive and fertility. Keeps men and women young and healthy for years. Increases astriction, strength and satisfaction. It returns lost confidence, increases energy. Prevents ejaculation before pleasant moments. Retains puberty in old age. Eliminates sag which occurs during sexual activity.


-Relieves feet ache, shins ache, backache , body ache, physical and mental weakness within few days. Highly effective for whole day workout, mental stress and laziness. Keeps the body disease free. Boosts immunity, power, force and working capacity. Overcomes the weakness in maternal women and good for lactating mothers.

– Knight Power tablet is a true friend for any type of weakness; due to excessive discharge, headache, early ageing, diabetes, chronic disease, vertigo, under eyes dark circle, anemia, numbness of hands and feet and weakness occurred due to accident.

Dosage :

1. Take 1 Knight Power Tablet after breakfast with hot milk and 1 tablet one hour before going to bed at night or as directed by the physician.
2. Use butter, cream, milk and almond for body and sexual weakness.
3. Blood pressure, sugar, weakness of the heart, cholesterol and kidney patients should take it with skimmed milk.
4. It is safe and has no side effects even if taken for long duration. It doesn’t contain any of the intoxicating, poisonous or narcotic substances.

30 Tabs
MRP Rs 600

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