Relieves body from Toxins
Naturally cleanse While you sleep

Who should use foot patch?

-People who use mobile phones.
-People who wish to get slim & beautiful and live a healthy life.
-People who work for long hours in front of computers and suffer from high mental pressure.
-People who suffer from pain and inflammation in shoulder, neck, waist and feet.
-People who have long standing job.

The Detox Foot Patch:

Is formulated with 100% natural herbs. When detox foot patch is placed on the acupressure points or on the soles of the feet, it accelerates metabolism, removes toxins and the wastes from the body.
-Improves quality of sleep, health and longevity.
-Absorbs impurities and purifies blood.
-Improves blood circulation.
-It can be placed on the main targeted areas of the body such as around the shoulders, ankles, elbows, knees, stomach, on the lower back, on the wrists or legs for best results.
-Relieves discomfort of arthritis, joint pain and also improves digestive system.
-Enhances mental focus and concentration.
-Cleans the body internally. Controls the blood circulation and metabolism

Usage :

First clean the feet. Apply Detox Foot Patch on the soles of the feet. We insist you, apply detox foot patch before going to sleep. Each part of your body comes to the same level when you are sleeping and in such a situation blood circulates easily. Foot patch works when blood moves towards the soles of the feet. Remove Detox Foot patch early in the morning and wash feet with warm water. Colour of the Detox Foot Patch turns according to your health status. If Foot Patch turns black in colour then your health is not well. If Foot Patch turns light in colour then your health is slightly better. If you’ve never used it then use it regularly for one month. After one month use at least twice a week. Use it every day till your health has improved.

MRP Rs 990

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