Providing Health is Wealth

In to Entrepreneurship

Finally I choosed this platform where i can proceed with my own policies at the same time i can deliver the things which are really worth with a great service.

Providing health is wealth, this was the way i found

So that i am into deal people by Ayurveda which is our country’s medical system that define handling life with ease without any harmful effects.

Then i started going out through various companies marketing ayurvedic products and among them i found the best company which is delivering the pure products with comparison and result proofs.

So finally i am in to deal people with IMC products

The brand 2stupids origin

Days when we get insulted by saying our ideology and our works are with bunch of stupidity, we took that insult and made it as our brand name.

Hello everyone this is Rajasree Gollapudi

I am a postgraduate in Biotechnology

Out of job- Living a life controlled by others is the worst part of life. This time I am not going to let it happen again.

My Job experience- Yes I do have and found the thing going on, “ If  they want to kill a dog they name it as MAD. If they want to do bad for you for no reason they name you the same.

Rajasree Gollapudi

Founder & CEO

My Mission

Before Gods call i will breath IN and OUT entrepreneurship, then lead my life in spiritual path

Why to choose 2stupids

1.Product value

2.Customer value



5.Moral and Ethical

*The percentage of company’s profit is given to the needy